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When you choose to renovate with Blint, you choose a company with a strong history and almost five decades of experience improving the living spaces of Bayside families.

We’re at the forefront of the latest design and build trends, and with the highest quality craftsmanship and materials, ensure that your new and improved space will be enjoyed for years to come.


Knockdown and rebuild

You really love where you live… so why move? Explore Blint’s Knockdown and Rebuild projects.

Transform your lifestyle and improve your way of life through a complete knockdown and rebuild with Blint.

If you’ve outgrown your home, want to enjoy more modern living, or simply love your area but not your house, a knockdown and rebuild project could be for you.

Whether you want to build a brand-new custom home for your family to love for years to come, or strategically create a dual occupancy build to enjoy additional income, Blint is the knockdown and rebuild team for you.

Working exclusively in Melbourne’s Bayside region, we make it our mission to take on only a select number of projects at any one time. That’s why Blint is Built for the Few.


Knockdown and rebuild for new custom home

You love the community you call home, but you’ve lost a little affection towards your home.

  • Is it simply too cramped for a growing family?
  • Does it lack the modern layout you crave?
  • Does it feel outdated and simply old?

No matter the reason, your home simply no longer suits your lifestyle, and you’re ready to replace it with a high-quality and energy-efficient new build.

With a custom new build, you truly have the freedom to create a home that suits you and your family’s exact needs, whether that’s a…

  • Clever floor plan that separates living areas from sleeping quarters
  • Separate space for the kids to hang out with friends
  • A dedicated study space for teens during high school, or to work from home in
  • Sprawling open-plan environment perfect for entertaining
  • Deck and outdoor entertaining area that’ll make your neighbours envious

With the right strategic design and planning, plus Blint’s management throughout your entire project, your vision will come to life.

Build smarter: halve your block of land and benefit from an additional income stream through dual occupancy development.

When you hear the words “dual occupancy”, your mind might jump directly to property developers, but dual occupancy has never been more accessible – or more popular – to the everyday homeowner, just like you.

There are plenty of options you can take when building a dual occupancy development:

  • You can live in one property and sell the other, gaining a great advantage on your mortgage payments
  • You can live in one and rent the other out, enjoying rental income and building wealth over time
  • Kids have flown the coop? Downsize without leaving the area! Empty nesters can benefit greatly from a dual occupancy build that lets them remain in the neighbourhood they love

A dual occupancy property can also be used by an elderly family member to keep them closeby. Additionally, halving the size of your land results in less garden maintenance.


Should I Renovate or Rebuild?

This is the question on most prospective clients’ lips: trying to determine which is better, in both the short- and long-term: renovating (or extending) or starting from scratch with a knockdown and rebuild project.

There are a few factors you should consider…

The condition of your house is often a great place to start when trying to decide whether you should simply renovate, or opt for a complete rebuild.

Your personal preferences are critical here: could a kitchen renovation or second-storey extension help improve your lifestyle? Or would you prefer larger changes, like altered floor plans, multiple room additions, and improved storage options?

Of course, cost will be an important factor to consider.

Also consider the potential ROI that could boost your property’s value, should you wish to sell in the future.

Before any walls are knocked down, you’ll need to ensure that what you want to do will be approved by your local council.

Codes and regulations can be hard to untangle on your own.

Blint has an in-depth knowledge of local council codes, and this, teamed with our vast experience working with Bayside, Glen Eira, and Kingston councils, ensures your project design has the best chance of being approved by your council.

Still confused? Let us be a part of your thought process: call Blint’s design and construction experts to learn more about the Knockdown and Rebuild process.

We’ll help you understand all of your options based on your short- and long-term goals, your lifestyle, and how long you want to stay in your current space.

With an open mind, we ensure you understand how you can most effectively achieve your lifestyle goals.


Charles and Sue

On both occasions of using Blint, the projects were both delivered ahead of time and to budget. Our project managers, Guy Dobson and Michael James, made the whole experience very easy with good communication at each milestone of the project.