A new custom home

Make the most of your land with a customisable Design + Construction solution from Blint


A new home

Whether you want to create the dream home you’ve always wanted or capitalise on the size of your lot, Blint’s custom build solutions for existing land through dual occupancy will ensure your build reaches its full potential.


Beyond your vision, we dive deep into four critical factors. We:

  • Discover your short- and long-term goals
  • Learn about your (and your family’s) lifestyle
  • Investigate how long you plan on living here
  • Help you determine the purpose of the property

During these types of conversations, we unlock ideas and options you might not have even considered.

It’s an imperative step we take to ensure we reach the perfect balance between understanding what you want, and helping you unearth new ideas.


Turn your house into your dream custom home.

From the floor plan and flow to all of your finishes, the options are almost limitless.

Our highly customisable portfolio ensures that whatever it looks like, we can turn your vision into a reality.

We’ll help you plan and design a custom home that suits the way your family operates! No two homes are the same, so let us uncover plans that will help you make the most of your space.

As you can imagine, there are so many factors to consider – both big and small – when designing and building a new home. Just some of these include:


Which way does the sun rise and set throughout the year?


Open-plan living has been a popular trend for many years – does a sprawling kitchen and living area suit your lifestyle?

Living quarters

Kids down one end of the home with the parents at the other? Or living spaces far away from all the bedrooms?

We’ll design a beautiful home that not only looks good, but is customised to suit you and your family’s lifestyle. Making the most of space, we focus on functionality, practicality, and purpose.

Maximise on your land and create a fantastic investment property with dual occupancy!

Dual occupancy makes the most of existing land by creating two properties on the same piece of land. The land is not split between each build, and both remain on the same title.

There are strict codes and regulations that must be abided, and from the offset, it can be daunting trying to untangle all this information.

With an intricate knowledge of the Bayside, Kingston, and Glen Eira council laws, Blint will help you envisage and create design and build proposals that meet all council regulations, helping to fast-track your project and reduce the chance of delays or rejected plans.

The council approval process can be time-consuming, but Blint will manage it all for you, liaising directly with the council for all planning and design permits and approvals.


Why build dual occupancy?

For many homeowners in the Bayside area, dual occupancy provides a unique financial pathway that is both rewarding and offers a more realistic property size to manage in the long-term.

A second property on your title has a number of benefits, including:

  • A great return through rental
  • Additional tax benefits
  • The need for a second property for family
  • The option to split the property with an investment partner
  • Making use of unused or empty land

From our first phone call to handing over the keys at the completion of a project, Blint is with you every step of the way.

Our team is always accountable and contactable for any questions or concerns you may have.

Townhouses and units offer a modern alternative to traditional large-block housing.

Blint specialises in intelligently designed, functional townhouses.

By the clever use of space, Blint can deliver many of the exciting features offered in larger homes – open space living, well appointed service areas and environmental features – in a townhouse.

We can also develop and construct units that take advantage of limited smaller spaces, again, providing a raft of extra features and unique design characteristics.

Townhouse and unit constructions offer real potential for both developers and families looking to further finance, utilising dual occupancy of existing land lots. Blint arranges all permits and plans required.


Need a Bayside builder?

Blint is Built for the Few – this means that we take on only a select number of projects at any one time to ensure that you receive dedicated specialist attention from our team throughout your build’s entire timeline.

Our Bayside builders work exclusively in the area, possessing a great knowledge of local council codes and regulations. We also maintain the integrity of the community you already call home, by designing and building homes that suit the existing neighbourhood.

Want to find out more? Explore our process here or contact us now. Give us a call on (03) 9576 8686.

Alex and Marina Fookstov

Blint went above and beyond for us with our renovation; the team had to accommodate us, as we continued to occupy the property during the build. The Blint process was efficient and kept us in the loop the entire time.

Anne and Michael Gregory

We came to believe that both Michael and our architect could not do enough for us and communicated well with us throughout. We were impressed with the team of tradesmen and Michael logistically managed materials and trades people so that our build went smoothly. The communication and organisational skills were outstanding meaning that we had a stress free build once it commenced.

Charles and Sue

We have used Blint twice now and both renovations have offered us more space with the build up and better use of existing space downstairs with the renovation. The house is relaxed easy living with a good flow and open plan.