Anne and Michael Gregory

We came to believe that both Michael and our architect could not do enough for us and communicated well with us throughout. We were impressed with the team of tradesmen and Michael logistically managed materials and trades people so that our build went smoothly. The communication and organisational skills were outstanding meaning that we had a stress free build once it commenced.

Our process


No two projects are ever alike. However, each time a Blint project starts, it follows a typical process.

We also follow strict procedures and hold ourselves accountable through detailed checklists. It’s all part of conducting a project safely and on-time!

Explore the Blint process below, split into two core stages:

  • Design and Construction planning
  • Construction and handover

Design process

When you reach out to us, our Design Consultant is the first person who will be in touch.

During this phone call or email exchange, we’ll get a little information about your design brief and also organise a time to meet up in person.

We will request that you obtain existing floor plans from Council (if they exist). We will then issue the design brief to populate before returning it to your Design Consultant.

The site visit occurs at the project’s location and runs for approximately 1-2 hours, depending on the complexity of the job and needs of the client.

This usually starts with a walk-through.

Your design consultant listens to your vision or needs, and then provides onsite professional advice in regards to:

  • Concept design ideas and direction
  • Feasibility
  • How best to meet your budget
  • Planning advice or building regulations
  • Timeframe

Next, our Design Consultant then explains the best way to make the project tangible via a concept design.

The concept design phase includes the following:

  • Measure up existing house so the accuracy measures the “as-built”
  • Computerise existing conditions and work through best design solution in 3D
  • Present proposed concept design options for discussion on paper and via an app
  • Once design has been approved, the Design Consultant will provide a cost to build the works including preliminaries such as planning permits, building permits, engaging consultants, etc.
  • Design Consultant in conjunction with the Construction Manager provides a written scope of works and build cost that references the approved design

Once the client approves the design and cost, a Preliminary Agreement is signed by the client so that the Design Consultant can prepare building documentation and engage all consultants.

Specification and building contract is also prepared. All internal finishes, plumbing fittings, and fixtures are also selected during this step.

The next step is to sign the contract with the Construction Manager/Direct of Blint and the owner.

Next, we issue for a building permit and then obtain all relevant permits, including Domestic Builders Insurance (DBI)


Construction process

Following the approval of the building permit, the supervisor receives all documents to review for one week.

Once the supervisor is familiar with the process and has had all their queries answered, a pre-commencement site visit takes place with the supervisor, designer, and client.

During this visit, the supervisor sets in place all construction procedures and important communication protocols. It is also an opportunity for the owner to communicate their specific on-site requirements relevant to construction.

They are also provided a construction schedule detailing all milestones throughout the construction process, as well as clearly highlighted areas where their input is required.

Now it’s time to watch as your vision is brought to life by a talented team of experts.

Your supervisor commences the project and liaises with all trades clients and stakeholders directly; construction is ready to start.

Every Monday, the supervisor will meet with our construction manager to review all project-specific construction details and budgets. We’ll also address and work through any issues. On Fridays, we meet again to go over the 8-week project schedule in detail.

Critically, the supervisor issues and implements all relevant OH&S protocols and requirements. Blint’s labourer conducts weekly cleans of the building site.

Clients meet with the supervisor every fortnight up until Frame stage. Once Frame is complete, you’ll meet weekly. We will address:

  • Recent and upcoming progress
  • Full project schedule positioning
  • Any known construction issues
  • Any variations or changes requested by owner
  • All product selections have been or will be made

Your construction manager will check in with you no less than once per month during the entire construction process. This keeps Blint accountable and ensures your expectations are being met.
At any time if you feel like you’re not being heard, you’ve got three points of contact: your supervisor, construction manager, and designer. Each of these people are only ever a phone call away.

Once the projects nears completion, your supervisor will notify you of your precise handover date. This this allows you to start making arrangements and planning your move in.

As we get closer to handover, Blint will detail clean the entire property as well as spend 1-2 weeks assessing the build and identifying and fixing any defects.

Once the supervisor is satisfied with the outcome of their assessment, they will organise a walk-through with you.

Once the walk-through is complete and all defects addressed, final payment is made and the handover process begins.

Bruce Wilson

From the first meeting Scott and the Blint team led by Michael James were approachable and helpful. The discussion and design work cleverly addressed our needs and incorporated additional storage in a loft above the new garage. Throughout this preparatory process we were supported with advice and suggestions. Plans were revised when needed and we were kept informed of site and council planning requirements.

6.5 Year Structural Warranty

After-care service is always available, should you need it. Find out more.