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Our Bayside builders explain the challenges of building in Brighton

At Blint Design + Construction, we’re a bit different from other bespoke builders: namely, we work solely in Melbourne’s Bayside suburbs and the immediate surrounds. It might not sound like much, but this is an important point of distinction. Simply […]

“Got a permit for that?” Our Bayside builders explain permits

You’ve got a vision for what you want your house to look like. The blueprints have been drawn up. You’ve chosen your Bayside builders who you can trust to turn your dream home into reality. You’re all set… almost. There’s […]

Ask a Bayside builder: 3 common issues in second storey extensions

If you ask us, each home is more than simply four walls and a roof – each house is a character in itself, with a unique character and a long and storied history… which you’ll be adding to. This is […]

Our Bayside builder explains the advantages of custom over prefab

As a custom Bayside builder, Blint Design + Construction get a lot of questions about the latest in construction trends, and whether or not they can be incorporated into your building project. One particular trend we’ve gotten a lot of […]