This was our first renovation project, so we were not sure what to expect and what a project like this would entail. When we met with Blint to discuss the project, we felt at ease with their professionalism, knowledge, attention to every detail and willingness to achieve a great result.

Blint went above and beyond for us with our renovation; the team had to accommodate us, as we continued to occupy the property during the build. The Blint process was efficient and kept us in the loop the entire time.

We are so pleased with result; the renovation has improved our home, which we love to share with our friends and family. We also would like to give our special thanks to Michael James and Ron Blint for their fabulous job, which we really appreciate.

We would definitely recommend Blint and would use them again in the future.

Alex and Marina Fookstov

We made contact with Blint to discuss the feasibility of demolishing and rebuilding the garage, building an adjacent art studio and creating additional general storage within the available limited space.From the first meeting Scott and the Blint team led by Michael James were approachable and helpful. The discussion and design work cleverly addressed our needs and incorporated additional storage in a loft above the new garage. Throughout this preparatory process we were supported with advice and suggestions. Plans were revised when needed and we were kept informed of site and council planning requirements.

I want to thank Michael James particularly for his professionalism. He was in contact with us at all stages of the building process. Questions and concerns were given careful attention, any problems were dealt with promptly and Michael’s oversight of the project was evident at each stage of the work.

We are very happy with the new garage and studio space and thank the Blint team, Michael especially, for realising our objectives and building a well-integrated addition to the property that successfully meets our needs.

Bruce Wilson

After an unpleasant experience with another building company, we initially had a few reservations on contacting Blint Design and Construction.

On entering Blint’s office, we were welcomed and on meeting the Architect assigned to us and previous reservations evaporated.

The design part of the project was exciting, and Blint’s architect seemed to instantly know what we wanted and his emails of drawings and plans etc were eagerly awaited.

The next stage of committing to build was initially a little daunting but we need not have worried as Ron Blint and Blint’s architect explained the entire process very clearly. In no time our old home was demolished, and the excitement began.

I have to say we really enjoyed the construction phase and the site supervisor was professional and approachable and he was willing to approve us going on site when we wanted to have a look. The tradespeople on site were also professional and friendly and willing to explain what they were working on.

Twelve months from demolishing to building 2 high end townhouses to moving in was excellent.
To have a modern, light filled and spacious new home with huge windows and garden views is sensational. To finally have a home that wasn’t constantly needing maintenance is so satisfying and enjoyable – we did make a comment we should have done this years ago.

Thank you, Blint’s architect, Michael James and Blint Design and Construction.

Rudolph Family

It had been difficult to find a builder who would take on our double storey extension plan on a small block. Other builders brushed it aside as too hard basket with tight council regulations.

Blint took on this challenge and made it a breeze from design to building. Blint understood the local building regulation, scoring Council approval on first application.Blint guided us through the building process seamlessly.

We have now moved back in with our space maximised. We are loving our new home.

Ian and Li

We are delighted to hear that Michael James will continue the Blint philosophy and culture.
After looking to downsize we looked at EVERY option from finding a new residence, using one of the named building companies using your own land with their standard (stretched and pulled to fit our non standard block) designs, or renovating our existing home. After realising that none of the options were meeting our needs as a last resort we met with Ron Blint and discussed our thoughts.
He struck us as a man of his words, that he understood the culture of building in the Bayside area, he demanded good and reliable tradesmen, and he provided us with an Architect who designed to our specifications and our land.

We never once regretted using blint. Our architect guided us through the, at times messy council permits, and then continued to be available throughout the build.

Michael was our site manager and was ALWAYS approachable, we came to realise that both Michael and our architect could not do enough for us and communicated well with us throughout. We were impressed with the team of tradesmen and Michael logistically managed materials and trades people so that our build went smoothly. The communication and organisational skills were outstanding meaning that we had a stress free build once it commenced.

We have now been in our beautiful new home for over two and half years and with the same neighbours for 44 years. We are so lucky that we still call this lovely neighbourhood home, and in a brand new architect designed home. Thank-you to Michael and your team and our much loved architect.
We endorse wholeheartedly Blint Building and Michael.

Anne and Michael Gregory

We had no reservations about using Blint the second time around to renovate our ground floor, having used Blint to build our new first floor.

On both occasions of using Blint, the projects were both delivered ahead of time and to budget. Our project managers, Blint’s architect and Michael James, made the whole experience very easy with great communication at each milestone of the project.

The house now has a relaxed easy flow with great open plan living. Both renovations have offered us more space with the build up and better use of existing space downstairs with the renovation. Very very happy and recommend Blint to anyone looking to renovate or build from ground up.

Charles and Sue