The Blint story has a great history… and its future looks even greater!

Our founder, Ron Blint, had a family history in woodwork and was introduced to carpentry by his grandfather, a chair maker, at an early age.

Ron’s grandfather nurtured Ron’s love for working with his hands and helped develop a passion for carpentry skills that he said could be used to help build better lives.

Ron was determined that the building industry would be his career path!

It was in 1972 when Ron first registered his business, then known as Blint Builders.

Ron had completed his carpentry apprenticeship and set about providing a maintenance, restoration, and extensions business for local real estate agents in Melbourne’s Bayside region.

The Blint story really started with Ron’s first major extension, a second-story addition, completed in 1983.

The finished project attracted much attention with many enquiries resulting in similar projects.

Blint Builders was establishing a strong niche in major extensions within the Bayside area and specialising in second-storey extensions.

The Blint Builders business expanded quickly.

Ron was working “on the tools” whilst raising his young family. His role was more of an artisan and a craftsman, and on this basis, he continued to receive good referrals.

The Blint showroom was set up at McKinnon Rd, McKinnon and the business was running with a major portfolio of ongoing projects.

The procedures and methodologies developed earlier remain constant to this day. Due to these systems, the very best personnel have been attracted to work for Blint.

This same best-practice policy also ensured a steady stream of referrals from satisfied customers.

The Blint showroom has relocated to Highett, very much in the centre of where the bulk of our projects are located. Ron has turned Blint Design + Construction into the local Bayside builder he strived out to be all those years ago!

Throughout its 46-year history, Blint’s core focus has been designing and constructing homes exclusively in Melbourne’s Bayside that not only meet our clients’ expectations – but exceed them.

That ethos was implemented on day one, and continues to this day.

2017 saw some exciting changes at Blint, one of which was our Construction Manager Michael James taking over the company from its founder, Ron Blint.

Michael has fostered great relationships with our clients over the last 12-18 months, during which he has been managing the day-to-day operations of Blint.

Michael is thrilled to officially take the reigns and begin to implement some changes to our brand and company structure. Read his story below.


About Michael

After 10 years in the industry as a qualified carpenter, Michael and Ron met in 2014 and developed a great working relationship where Michael quickly was promoted to Blint’s project manager.

With a focus on building great relationships with clients and Blint’s long term tradesmen, Michael excelled under the pressure and fast paced building environment.

5 Years on and Michael is now the owner of Blint Design + Construction. Michael continues to work in the company as Construction Manager and is the first point of contact for any new projects, and your last point of contact once a project completes.

Michael still visits each project twice a week where his experience and knowledge are at hand to solve any problem or offer advice ensuring all projects run smoothly.

Michael and Ron continue their great relationship, communicating often about all things building and life.

Blint continues to use the same core of trades as when Michael first started, this is pivotal to the ongoing success and consistent quality of each of their projects, no matter how big or small.

“I believe successful builds are built on processes – something I’ve watched over the last 13 years.

Processes and habits breed consistency, which develops long-term expectations in our trades, suppliers, and employees. At the end of the day, we’re only as good as the people we employ.

The message I tell all my clients: trust in the process.


Why Choose Blint?

The “Design and Construct” philosophy has made more sense to all our past clients as they have found out that we truly can design within your realistic budget.

This means you will not spend a fortune on a set of plans then shop them around to builders only to find out that you can’t afford what was originally designed.

We offer the complete package, including:

  • Design
  • Documentation
  • Permits
  • Engineering
  • Warranty Insurance
  • Compliance with relevant authorities
  • And of course, project management

The best part? You’ll only have to deal with one company; one whose people are available to you at any time.

Check us out first: view our testimonials here or explore our portfolio to see what we can do to improve your lifestyle!