Our Bayside builders explain vaulted ceilings

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Our Bayside builders explain vaulted ceilings

So you feel boxed in, and want to add more space to your house.

We don’t blame you. Many of the houses our Bayside builders renovate are on the older end of the spectrum.

They also tend to be characterised by certain traits: many aren’t that large to begin with, and some tend to feature lots of interior walls and small rooms.

All of which comes together to make your house feel a lot more cramped than it actually is.

So it’s little wonder that many home renovations in Bayside tend to focus on adding space to these older houses!

Typically, this takes the form of knocking down interior walls and converting the house into a more open-plan design, or adding an extra floor or room.

However, this isn’t the only space-making trend that our team of home renovation builders get asked to incorporate into Bayside renovations.

Another design trend we get asked about? Vaulted ceilings.

What are vaulted ceilings?

You’ve probably seen your fair share of vaulted ceilings.

What you might not know however is that there are many different types of vaulted ceiling (otherwise known as high, raised or cathedral ceilings), all of which are characterised by architectural and design differences.

For simplicity’s sake though, we’re going to refer to all of them as vaulted ceilings.

By freeing up room that would otherwise be taken up by ceiling crawl space, vaulted ceilings add a considerable amount of internal volume to your house.

Some homeowners with plentiful ceiling space even use vaulted ceilings to add a loft or extra bedroom to their homes.

Houses with vaulted ceilings feel considerably larger and more open, owing to their light and airy feeling – just imagine New York’s Grand Central Station without its distinctive high ceiling!

Vaulted ceilings make a grand statement, and can add a dash of drama and exclusivity to otherwise ordinary rooms.

As with any other large renovation job, there are a lot of different considerations that need to be included in your plan.

Unlike a clean-sheet design, home renovation builders need to work around existing structures, which can introduce a range of new challenges…

Including vaulted ceilings in your renovation project

Can your ceiling support a vaulted ceiling?

Many roof structures are framed with a complex system of beams and supports, all of which provide the maximum stability with the minimal amount of wood.

You can’t just remove parts of the trusses without potentially compromising the roof structure in the process!

This is without a doubt the biggest hurdle to overcome when renovating your home to include a vaulted ceiling.

A meeting with a structural engineer will confirm for sure whether your ceiling needs considerable work to convert into a vaulted ceiling.

To convert a traditional ceiling into a vaulted one, your home renovation builder may have to perform considerable reinforcement efforts. They may even have to completely rebuild large sections of your roof, significantly driving up the cost of renovation.

Luckily for you, there are alternative options.

For example, your home renovation builder may suggest leaving the now-exposed beams in place to create that homely, almost rustic feel like these examples we found on Pintrest.

That’s the beauty of going with a custom builder: we’re willing to make accommodations to fit your vision for your home!

Moving wires, ducts and more

Adding a vaulted ceiling can be a lot of work.

In addition to removing the existing ceiling, you’ll also have to think about:

  • Moving wiring and lights
  • Rerouting HVAC ducts
  • Reinstalling insulation

After all, your ceiling contains a lot of important stuff in it. When making the transition to a vaulted ceiling, all of that stuff needs to be moved.

It’s also worth mentioning that vaulted ceilings typically leave much less crawl space to work with. For example, air conditioning ducts can take up considerable space, with some ducts reaching 50cm in diameter.

Not all vaulted ceilings will have enough space to fit these ducts.

In these cases, your Bayside builder may replace your existing HVAC system with a small duct air conditioner systems, that take up considerably less space.

Another consideration is insulation. Unlike a traditional ceiling, vaulted ceilings tend to include angles.

This can make loose-fill and blanket style insulation useless, and may necessitate replacing it with rigid board insulation.

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Can vaulted ceilings drive up your energy bills?

More often than not, the answer is yes.

There are a lot of considerations that go into keeping your home cool – one of which is how room volume affects your energy usage.

One of the great benefits of vaulted ceilings is that they add more volume to your house. 

However, this also means that your heating and cooling systems will need to work extra hard, as they’re essentially having to heat or cool a much larger space than before!

Another issue is that during winter in particular, you might be left feeling a bit chilly, even with the heater on full blast.

As we all know, heat rises. With a higher ceiling, the warm air from your heater rises all the way to the top, which means greater distance between you and that warm air.

And that means a heater that runs for longer.

Thankfully, modern insulation can dramatically reduce the impact, and ceiling fans can help circulate warm air during winter, pushing it down.

Still, it’s something you’ll want to think about before you start asking your Bayside builders about adding a high ceiling to your construction plan!

Adding vaulted ceilings to a clean-sheet design

Many of the challenges that come with adding a vaulted ceiling to an existing home is the difficulty that comes with working around the structural limitations imposed by the existing structure.

With a clean-sheet design however, that’s not something you’ll have to worry about!

Our Bayside builders are all about making your dreams come true.

And since each of our Bayside construction projects are designed from the ground-up around your vision, we can implement a range of features to your home.

With a custom design, we’ll have more freedom to add ambitious architectural flourishes like vaulted ceilings, as we won’t be restricted by an existing frame or structure.

And that includes vaulted ceilings.

Build a home that’s truly yours – talk to Blint’s Bayside builders to bring your dream to life

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