Our Bayside builder explains the advantages of custom over prefab

Bayside builder

Our Bayside builder explains the advantages of custom over prefab

As a custom Bayside builder, Blint Design + Construction get a lot of questions about the latest in construction trends, and whether or not they can be incorporated into your building project.

One particular trend we’ve gotten a lot of questions about is prefab and modular construction.

Many in academia and even in the industry have touted modular and prefab as the future of construction.

While we’ll admit there are several benefits to modular and prefab construction, if you ask us, it’ll never truly replace the custom house builder.

Today, our Bayside builders compare prefab and getting a custom-built house.

To be perfectly clear, this article is not meant to put down prefab and modular houses. What it is meant to do is explain the areas where custom-build is perhaps the optimum choice for your needs.

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Our Bayside builder explains prefab and modular construction

Unlike traditional construction, the vast majority of work in prefab and modular housing is done in workshops, not on-site. Once you decide how many rooms you need, the individual pieces and rooms are built in a factory setting.

Once that’s done, they’re transported to your block. All that’s left is to connect it all together!

While this construction technique has been around for a while (remember those portable classrooms at primary school?) it’s only recently that it’s started to take off in the housing market.

Building your own house is one of life’s major moments.

While prefab and modular construction offers several advantages (namely, turnaround), there are also certain areas where custom building will never be surpassed.

So, what are they?

Do prefab houses REALLY cost less?

One of the big draws of prefab construction is the price. However, it’s important to remember that prefab won’t always be cheaper.

While the house itself may be cheaper, other costs can result in your prefab project coming out at the same price as (or at least close to) a custom house.

Just like conventional construction, prefab requires large trucks, powerful cranes and heavy machinery.

Additionally, there’s also the question of distance. If your site is a long way away from the workshop, you might find yourself racking up high shipping charges.

This isn’t meant to suggest that prefab is worse – modular construction has its place – however, it’s something you’ll want to keep in mind when you start your planning.

You’ll get a truly custom house

Your house is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make in your life. It holds immense sentimental value – as such, you’ll want to ensure that it perfectly reflects your personality, your vision, and of course, your lifestyle.

And the only way to guarantee that is by talking to a custom house builder!

While prefab houses can be tailored to an extent, only a custom-built house give you complete control over your design.

The custom-build process starts with an in-depth discussion about your dream house, your family, your goals for the future, and your lifestyle.

An architect will demonstrate different materials, and collaborate closely with you to ensure you build a house you’re love coming home to!

Which one gives you more options?

This is an area where the prefabricated nature of modular housing is actually a negative.

That’s because many prefab builders focus on efficiency at the expense of personalisation and detail.

Other builders deliberately design their rooms and parts to be as versatile as possible. While this is great from an efficiency standpoint, it also limits what you can do with your design.

Even designer prefabs come with certain restrictions.

For example, it’s very difficult to use bricks in prefab construction, as the transport process can weaken the mortar that holds it all together.

While it’s possible to request a brick facade, it’s just not the same as genuine brickwork!

Custom builds don’t have these restrictions. Your home can be as large as you want, made with whatever materials you want.

custom house builder

Building in difficult conditions

Any builder who’s ever had to work on a sloped block of land knows that building into hills can be a challenge.

Builders face considerable logistics problems including:

  • Site safety
  • Ferrying materials
  • Runoff and mud

Most importantly however, building projects need to be specially designed to account for uneven plots of land.

With a custom house builder, there’s no disconnect between the design and the land it’s destined for.

Each house is custom-designed – and that includes accommodating for the unique challenges that come with building into a slope, hill, or otherwise uneven bit of land.

In the case of custom construction, our Bayside builders work closely with engineers to devise solutions for issues including:

  • Water drainage
  • House layout
  • Levelling and landscaping

Bayside is defined by narrow streets and built-up areas

And as such, this presents a great many construction challenges!

In fact, this is an example of when modular homes can actually be more difficult than a traditional construction project!

Our Bayside builders work exclusively in Melbourne’s south-east suburbs.

We’ve worked on many a project that has seen us have to navigate tight streets and highly built-up areas that characterise the Bayside suburbs.

Working under these conditions is already a challenge – now imagine having to transport entire prebuilt rooms!

For example, just imagine trying to transport and erect prefabricated rooms in a skinny, one-way lane with multiple power lines. Needless to say, these aren’t ideal conditions for bringing in premade sections and rooms.


Call our Bayside builders for a house you can be proud of!

Comparing custom-build projects to prefab construction is like comparing apples and oranges – they’re both completely different techniques, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

All of this isn’t meant to imply that prefab and modular construction are fads, or that a prefab home is somehow inferior.

This isn’t our goal at all – we’re simply outlining the areas in which custom-builds are preferable to prefab!

So you’ve decided to talk to a custom house builder. If that’s the case, Blint Design + Construction is ready to talk to you.

Better spaces and a higher standard of living – we build these attributes into every custom-made house that we design.

Unlike other Bayside builders, our team offers all-in-one service.

Each Blint project is carried out by a passionate, creative and experienced team of builders who work hard to turn your dream house into a reality.

For a home that combines form, function and which leaves you feeling a new sense of pride with your lodgings, give us a call on (03) 9576 8686, or click here to get in touch – you’ll be glad you did!