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Recognised as leading design and build experts specialising in extensive renovations and rebuilds.

A unique perspective.

Architecture, construction and building have evolved, and there are exciting opportunities to create your dream within your budget. We begin with a thorough understanding of your full vision, ideas and expectations. Our architects then visualise how you would like to live, and approach design through different perspectives. We explore inspired possibilities to elevate each space.

You are not a passenger on this journey, but an active collaborator on your project. We work closely with you, every step of the way. We help you understand the process, to ensure you are happy with each stage and what comes next. We make your budget work, without compromising on the details.

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The Team

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Built on a strong reputation, ready for a new era.

Founded in 1971 by Ron Blint, a business known for building quality homes in the Bayside area. In 2017, Michael James, took over the company, and brings to Blint his obsession for challenging the status quo. He brings a fresh perspective and proven results with his unique approach.

Today, we are builders for a new generation, always evolving and embracing change.

Recognised as leading design and build experts, the company has developed substantially over its five-decade-long journey, specialising in extensive renovations, including second storey additions and rebuilds.

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We put our clients first.

For over 50 years, we are always in pursuit of what’s possible in architecture, design and construction. With our knowledge of Bayside and Glen Eira, as well as our understanding of discerning local clients, we set the bar much higher for ourselves and the work we do.

This means we devote ourselves to only a limited number of projects, so you get the attention you deserve. Our clients expect nothing less, and we expect nothing less of ourselves.

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What We Do

New Homes

Work with us to create and build the home you have always wanted. With our leading architects, we will guide you to explore surprising possibilities, and make the experience as effortless as possible. Let us take you on a journey as we collaborate to realise your vision.

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Renovations & Extensions

We will help you find creative solutions from all perspectives, whether you're looking to renovate your existing living space or adding to your home. We will reveal what’s possible and together, take it even further. Our process for capturing every detail along the way will transform your space with style and functionality.

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Dual Occupancies

For larger land space opportunities, our specialists on dual occupancies have the research and data required to shape the design and build to maximise the properties return on investment - so you have a home that delivers on budget but also offers great investment opportunity for years to come.

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Inspired collaboration.

Every project is unique, and it is important to select the right architect for the job. Our knowledgeable team is efficient and flexible, allowing time for your review, approval and to answer any questions if they should arise. We visualise our plans in 3D, helping you see the complete picture of what is to be constructed. We like the idea of approaching things from different angles, our designers, architects and builders all work together collaboratively to take your vision to a whole new level.
They bring their unique expertise and commitment to your project, and we hold them to account on your behalf. With precision, smart planning and an understanding of how you want to live, our design partners will bring your inspired home to life.

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For the Blint perspective, get in touch today.

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Been dreaming about creating the space you've always envisioned? For advice, information or a friendly chat to know more about us, please get in touch. For a builder who will go above and beyond, contact Blint today.

Been dreaming about creating the space you've always envisioned? For advice, information or a friendly chat to know more about us, please get in touch. For a builder who will go above and beyond, contact Blint today.

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