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Townhouses + Units

Expand and Develop

Townhouses, units and dual occupancy residences offer a modern alternative to traditional large block housing.

Blint specialise in intelligently designed, functional townhouses. By the clever use of space Blint can deliver many of the exciting features offered in larger homes – open space living, well appointed service areas and environmental features.

Blint Design + Construction also develop and construct units that take advantage of limited smaller spaces. Again, providing a raft of extra features and unique design characteristics.

Townhouse and unit constructions offer real potential for both developers and families looking to further finance, utilizing dual occupancy of existing land lots. Blint arranges all permits and plans required.

For many homeowners in the Bayside area Dual Occupancy of existing property boundaries provides a unique financial pathway that is both rewarding and offers a more realistic property size to manage in advancing years.

The Blint Design team have long term expertise in Dual Occupancy property development. Yet property owners will enjoy larger living spaces and amenities than they currently do in their existing home. Again the Blint team will arrange all planning, design, permits, approvals and construction. Call now to find out more. It's now time for you to enjoy what you have worked hard for.

“We’d use Blints again. They stick with the price agreed upon, the site supervisor always got back to us and the designer was always pleasant. I can’t think how they could have improved!”